Darcy Boo (Prince Darcy Maximilian Booth the First and Last)

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A ginger Prince with a fox-like tail, Houdini-esque tendencies, who couldn’t miaow, but could be the best companion.

My brother and I drove between Battersea branches frantically looking for a perfect pet in late October 2009, and Darcy (then Scrumpy), chose us. Or he was trying to escape more likely, but as he jumped into my arm and buried his head into the crook of my elbow, he had me….and changed my view on gingers forever.

I’ll forever be grateful that Battersea matched us.

The first furry grandchild, he had his own spots at my home, and at his “grandparents’”.

Darcy’s been an excellent judge of character- sometimes in hindsight I should have taken more notice when it came to partners as his taste was impeccable.

So smart, he knew words to jump up, follow, words for dinner, hand signals to sit, and we’re sure he could say “Hi”, and emotional empathy like only a true bond can show. During grief, illness, recovery, my ginger was there. He drew a line at hangovers tho.

I adopted Darcy to give me a reason to get up each day, and companionship after the end of a relationship. Darcy-Boo, 13 years with you gave me the best relationship of my adult life.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but I’ll never regret your choice. Or rather your thwarted escape attempt at Battersea that day.

Latest donations

  • £20.00 Sarah Swaby-Nelson

    Thinking of you at this sad time! Darcy had a great life with you! Lots of love xxx

  • £20.00 Julie

    He got to live his best life with you and now his memory will help others do the same ♥️

  • £25.00 Sam and Sarah

    Boo boo was the first to show me how great an animals love can be, and how quickly they become family. The handsomest, fluffiest gentleman.

  • £20.00 c m

    Darcy will be very much missed. He knew he’d live his best life with you x

  • £30.00 Belinda and andy

    Darcy was one of a kind & was very much loved - he stayed with us a long time and he was a legendary escape artist . He will be remembered

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