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To have met our Gryffin is to know unconditional love. With a heart of gold, warm brown eyes, and always a welcoming wagging tail, Gryffin brought joy to all who met him. His gentle, unassuming ways, always put those around him at ease. He was the typical beagle with his loving demeanor and petulance for adventures but unlike the "typical beagle" he never barked or bugled (unless in his sleep- chasing rabbits?).

We first adopted "puppy" Gryffin in 2010 as an engaged couple from a local shelter in Northeast Ohio (America). As the story goes, Gryffin chose us. As we sat down to meet the puppies, he immediately ran to us and laid in our laps, giving us the sweetest puppy kisses. And so our adventure with Gryffin Super Beagle began....

Gryffin was with us as we changed careers, purchased our first home, welcomed children and ultimately moved abroad in January 2020. He stayed with family until he was allowed to join us that September.

To say that Gryffin loved England is an understatement. He loved finding new smells, his daily walks in Hyde Park, riding double decker buses, running around the country side, going out to lunches and being together after spending months apart.

On September 5, 2021, Gryffin unexpectedly passed away as he first came to us. Peacefully and in our arms. All of our hearts are heavy and our house is less joyful as we grieve our beloved beagle.

In order to honor Gryffin and celebrate his loving heart, his little brother (our 6 yr old son), has launched the "Be Kind Like Beagles" campaign to not only raise money for a local animal shelter but to remind us to be kind and loving to each other. To be more like Gryffin.

Throughout his life we often heard, I do not like dogs, but I love Gryffin. He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed.


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