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Ollie was a Choclate Roan Cocker Spaniel. His Kennel Club name was Jerasa Malvolio

Ollie came into our lives in February 2006 as a puppy. He grew into a loving dog and a pat of the family. He gave each of us unconditional love in different ways. He loved other dogs and humans he met.

Even though he had a docked tail it was very waggy and gained prizes for waggiest tail.

Ollie was scared of cats and would cross the road if one was in his path. He was stung by a wasp as a puppy and hated anything that buzzed (flies, wasps, bees etc) and would hide to avoid them.

He enjoyed going to the vets and was know by all of them and touch their hearts as well

Sadly he became deaf and had dementia. It was sad to have him put to sleep, but he went to a better place.

He will always have a special place in our hearts and those he met.

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    What a lovely soul......

  • £40.00 Martin

    In memory of Ollie as a donation towards the hotelroom someone donated to me before my Thames Path Challenge walk.

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