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Pedro - "the dog of many beds" - full of joy, gentle, loving, funny and capable of making himself comfortable in any position! Perfect.

Our dear boy, Pedro, passed in August 2023 - he was such a good boy, a unique character.... We got him in 2016 from Battersea at Old Windsor, and it was a privilege to help him to overcome some of his anxieties and flourish as a happy, joyful member of the family.

He loved his trips to the paddock, where he would sprint around and sun himself. A typical lurcher, he had boundless energy for a matter of minutes, then would happily sleep the rest of the day!

Pedro loved his treats, especially Bonios, gravy bones and cheese! He would savour his treat in the back of the car until he got home, then go and eat it in the garden, such a gentle boy.

Walks were a source of excitement and we're sure that if we'd have said at 3 a.m. "walkies"!, he'd have been up for it! He loved chasing the pigeon that would come into our garden every day (not that he ever got anywhere near it!), and would frequently dart downstairs in the middle of the night having heard something in the garden!

He made lots of doggy friends on our road and could win over everyone that he met - he became well known on our street and was much admired, being the handsome, scruffy lurcher that he was. His eyes were extremely soulful and when he'd stare at you whilst sat on the sofa, those eyes could speak a thousand words!

He will always be a part of our family and a constant source of light in our lives - he was loved so very much and we miss him every day, but we know that he would want us to remember him and carry on his legacy with a smile, because he was an absolute joy. We love you, Pedro - always will - you're a Good Boy xxx

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  • £20.00 I and R

    With love.xx

  • £20.00 Deb

    Dear Pedro, really sad we never got to meet up for a walk. Hope you’re getting plenty of doggie treats in heaven! Love Monty 🐾🐾💕

  • £25.00 Liz and coco

    Remembering a gentle wonderful character Pedro x

  • £20.00 anon

  • £30.00 Mark

    A brother and best friend. Pedro, you were always there for me and we shared so many happy times. Love you always

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