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Pepper was an incredibly special cat. He was full of love, personality and magic. An emotional support cat for me and my mental health.

This is in extremely loving memory of Pepper who was taken cruelly from us due to an undiagnosed illness that was sudden and quick.

He's only been gone for just over 2 months but it feels like a lifetime.

Pepper was especially important and cherished by myself as he helped through dark days of depression and trauma recovery.

He was my reason to get up in the mornings and now it's especially tough. At weekends, when I felt unable to leave my bed for the entire time, Pepper would stay by my side showering me with love and compassion.

He understood me like no other... he demanded nothing in return yet he was so easy to love. I miss him so much and my heart went with him on the day he was sent to the Rainbow Bridge. My arms and spirit feel empty without him now.

He was full of character and made me laugh with his little mannerisms like twitching in his sleep, his chats and chirping with me, the look of craziness he'd give me whenever I sang at home.

Also tender moments like reaching out his paw to touch my face when I was sad or giving me head boops whenever he could. Running across my laptop if I wasn't paying enough attention to him.

He was spoiled with love and knew I'd do anything for him. Nothing was too much for my boy.

He was lucky to have an extremely loving home and I would love for legacy to be helping other pets who have not been as fortunate in life. Every animal deserves a forever home and I hope that Pepper can help this happen from where he is now.

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  • £10.00 Sarah

    Sounds like your boy was a beautiful character. Animals are such great healers.

  • Irene

  • £20.00 Pepper's Mum

    🌈🌈🌈 For you, my precious boy, and for all the other animals who deserve forever homes 🌈🌈🌈

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