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Sparky was a beautiful black and white domestic cross with a Maine Coon. Sparky and the temperament of a Saint and was always there for me

For 12 years I had my sparky, he was and still is my best friend, my first love and my first pet I have had on my own. Every day he would wait for me to come home from school, sit with me as I did my home work and even got involved wrapping presents at Christmas. As a kitten he loved cuddles and being held. I would be so mad when he would wake me up at 6am just to have his morning cuddle. And now I would give anything to be able to hold the big fluffy boy in my arms again.

19th of September 2020 he has to be put down, hear neurological issues and would have needed a catheter ever few days just to keep them healthy. As much as it broke my heart I had to let him go. This day I still cry holding his little cremation box. Everyday I wish I could hold you and kiss you as I still remember the day you left like it was yesterday, watching you fall asleep was by far the hardest thing I had to do.

Sweet dreams my beloved boy.

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