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A best friend to the whole family and a fighter to the end.

Spike was almost 20 when he passed away, he had been with us from a naughty tear-away pup. He was a big character full of life and curiosity, every carrier bag sniffed and investigated. His quirks, grumpy attitude and big ears made him so special and throughout the years and trials and tribulations of our small family (there have been many) he was a friend and companion to whoever needed it most. He touched and blessed our entire family with love and laughter.

From my housebound Nana who enjoyed his cheeky face and marvelled at his ability to cook lamb chops with his eyes. His head tickles kept her active right to the end.

My great uncle who’s legs were well and truly walked off through his battle with skin cancer, he adored my uncle even with his bumpy nose and ears.

My aunt who never failed to get a tail wag and a kisses in exchange for trips to the park after her and my uncles retirement.

My dad who’s heart attack and back surgery never slowed him down on their morning walks together, two peas in a crooked pod.

My mother who through illness was loved unconditionally by spike, he was her life and was never not by her side during his later years, napping was their favourite hobby. A ‘mummy’s boy’ through and through.

And finally myself, we shared over half my life together he was my friend, my sibling, sometimes my sparring partner and loved me no matter what, even when I was at my darkest points in life.

He affected us all in his own unique ways, he certainly left an imprint on everyone he met and he was well known around our walking haunts. He has left a big hole In our lives and he will be forever missed, I can only hope his mischievous spirit and memory can help other animals in need and this is why I have chosen to create this page in honour of Spike.

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  • £25.00 Mam

    Merry Christmas. Missed you opening the presents today. Loved and missed always.

  • £10.00 Laura

    Merry Christmas, we have missed you, lots of love always!

  • £25.00 MAM

    Happy birthday dumpling. Miss you terribly, a big void in all our lives without you. Many kisses which you liked but moaned at. xxx

  • £60.00 Linda and Eddie

    He was such a good lad!

  • £10.00 Laura

    For our little fur friend and all the love you gave.

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