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Tristan arrived one day to our home as a guest and ended up being part of our beautiful GOFRI family for almost 20 years.

He was the king of the house, never listened to us whenever we were asking him to do (or not to do) something but he was always happy and lovable. His favourite activity was travelling in the car either between me and my sister or between my mother's feet.

When he was little he was called 'El Toro' as he was always in the street chasing kids and they loved it. His favourite food was a yummy sausage (llongas) and so is mine!

Our guilty pleasure was smelling his paws and blowing his ears... he didn't enjoy that so much. He was always looking forward to bathing and grooming time and loved jumping on the sofa, following us to the bathroom and sliding his head across the plants in the garden to see people passing by.

He was so clever he would understand when someone from the family was approaching the house with the car. Three things were making him really mad: fireworks, the garbage man and football in the TV!

He passed away leaving us in tears and empty hearts but we will always remember him with a smile and forever gratitude for being the best companion we could ever wish for.

With this tribute to Tristan I hope we can raise some funds to help this fantastic charity in my neighbourhood in London that looks after stray cats and dogs.

Tristán, te queremos y te echamos de menos Xxx

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