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The most beautiful German shepherd inside & out.He loved the sea and his passion for play never left him. Photographed by many, loved by all

Zach wanted to play with his frisbee right up until the last week of his life, he was just shy of 12 when we found he had a large tumour on his spleen. Until then Zach was the life and soul of the household. He was a good boy, content with his own company more so in his older years, taking himself off up to bed when he tired of ours! He adored our daughter Cara, following her around the house and herding her on the park when she strayed too far! An added bonus for him was the scraps dropped from Caras high chair, which he learned to patiently lie in wait underneath for! Although he wasn't greedy for his own food, but rather fond of ours as we discovered when he managed to snifle two joints of beef on one Thanksgiving in his younger years! He was also partial to a curry or two when there was a spare moment to pinch one!

Zach loved his daily walks on the park and loved unexpected jaunts out. When ever we travelled further a field he always had many admirers with lots of photo requests & enquiries into what breed he was, if we had a £1 for everyone that stopped to admire him, we would be rich!! He even had some famous admirers, when we bumped into Earth Wind & Fire just after their set at the Isle of Wight festival. Isle of Wight was one of Zachs favourite places to be & were fortunate enough to be able to share 3 holidays there with him, we were planning for a forth, but sadly that was not to be. He loved travelling over on the ferry, but you had to keep your wits about you as Zach was often tempted to jump in! Shanklin beach with bountiful stones to chase into the water and Fisherman's Cottage, where he would pine for the water until you just gave in & let him go, was his favourite spot.

He couldn't get enough of holidays & as soon as he smelt the sea, his tail would be going and he would be forcefully tugging towards it with his lead.

Another favourite place of his was Skegness, sitting on the open top buses sniffing the air and even a trip or two to Natureland to visit the seals every now & again, although he wasn't quite sure what to make of them! Though as soon as the lookout meerkat caught sight of him, you wouldn't see them again for the duration of our visit! Brixham was our final holiday of him being in his prime & I remember a day Zach & I stole for ourselves, just walking leisurely around the coves and harbour, stopping for a quick dip when it took our fancy. It was at Brixham that I took a photo of Zach and Cara against the shoreline only to find that there was a large fin in the water behind them, later confirmed to be a basking shark!

Zach loved us unconditionally and was there for us all no matter what, he instinctively knew when we were ill or troubled and did his best to be that constant comforting presence. Looking back i think his problems began a couple of years prior, but I believe he did his best to keep this to himself to ensure he stopped with us as long as he possibly could, we will love and miss Zach always.

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