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At 16:45 on Monday the 28th of November 2016, Emily and I were holding Sophie tight with tears rolling down our faces, as she grew her wings and departed.

We returned home to a silent house, her food and water was still down but her bed was empty.

Sophie had such a bad start in life, I picked up a very anxious and timid dog who was petrified of so many things, it seemed impossible to change her mindset however over time and with lots of patience, she became such a loyal, smart and excitable dog (the best friend I could have only dreamed of).

As much as the girls and I are left with this gaping hole in our hearts, which will never be filled, I want her anniversary to be a day of celebration for the amazing companion that she developed into and to endure that all rescue animals continue to be well looked after and find their forever home - Just like Sophie did 🐾

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