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Benjy was the kindest polite quirky and, normally unintentionally, funny gentleman. He was loving and considerate. A charmer to all he met.

Benjy and his sister, Juno, came as a pair into our lives, and brought an immediate playful joy and energy into our home. Benjy with his winning trusting smile, and Juno with her gentle heart and doe eyes. We said our goodbyes to our beautiful fun loving Benjy in December 2018, after a mercifully short but brave fight against a brain tumour. But the footprint he left is one full of immense happy memories as we all build on the love he left us with. With even strangers in the park expressing their condolences at the time, this little fella certainly made a big impression on all he greeted with his big fuzzy smile and even bigger heart.

Do help to rescue and adopt, you will help change lives, not only for a dog but for a person and a family too.

Now go keep chasing those squirrels Benjy boy. We love you. X

Thank you to Battersea for not only pairing us with these two gorgeous souls, but to help capture a few cherished moments in their promo below. You can see our two from 1.11 in the short film below. Happy days.

Latest donations

  • £50.00 GRS

    In honour of my beloved and dear Mr. Benjamin Franklin, and in support of the wonderful work Battersea does. Thank you.

  • £50.00 Shaun

    Thanks for all you do Battersea and for bringing Benjy into our lives! :-)

  • £30.00 Lulu

    Love and missed, one of the best companions ever. Benji will never be forgotten

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