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Bow was the most amazing Kitten/Cat she wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love every bit of her.

Bow was rescued after being found in a black bag dumped in a bin from a Kitten she was found and the cat protection put her up for rehoming. I was looking for a Kitten/Cat at the time and came across her brother first, I phoned and asked if I could come and view them, so I did on arriving the brother kitten had gone only leaving Bow left. I just took one look at her face and was like yes I looked at my mum who came with me and she said am I sure and I was so happy. Straight away the lady commented she’s not the happiest of kittens likes being on her own in doors away from people, I said that’s fine with me and took her home, days went by and she really settled in but did start to notice her ways, she hated little people ie kids and it took her best part of 5 years to come round to my partner but only me and him were the only 2 that she allowed to touch her.

She really wasn’t everyone’s kinda cat so I’m so grateful I was the one to look after after all her life .

She was taken from me far to young and it was the most devastated thing to wake up to knowing she was all alone in pain.

I will never forget the love she had for her cat trees and I will always remember the day she went out side, she spent 7 years of her life as an in door cat, we moved into a house and the last 3 years she spent her time loving the outside.

She amazed me everyday from the scared little kitten too my big caring beautiful loving girl.

Mummy will always love you and will definitely not forget you ever.

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