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Jez was a beautiful boy, he loved everyone and was always willing to give a cuddle.

Jezmond , aka Jez or the mond passed away this year he was 16, he was our first pet that we got, Jez didn’t have a great start to life as he was found by an ambulance driver in a ditch. He was taken to the RSPC by a man called jezmond this is were he got his name. In 2003 I used to visit him in my lunch hour before he was allowed to come and live with Leigh and myself, Leigh trained Jez into doing little tricks, his best trick was jumping up into Leigh’s arms ( by climbing up Leigh’s legs) Jez was a friendly and beautiful boy and is very much missed. Please donate anything you can to keep Jez’s memory alive by helping other animals that have the same start as Jez x

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