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There’s so many memories I have of Kato that really make me smile.I loved how affectionate he was and how he would have a chat with you.

I’ve set this page up as Kato was a rescue cat that I adopted when he was 18 months old. I went to the shelter looking for a cat that would bond with me. While looking at the other cats Kato would move around and loudly meow to catch my attention. It was from that moment that I fell in love with his big personality and his amazing blue eyes. From that day we just bonded and got closer and we never knew how much in the future we would help each other out. Kato has been a rock to me especially when my anxiety was so bad when all I wanted to do is shut the world out and just go to bed, Kato would be there to make me feel safe and loved. This boy is and was so so special. He would make me laugh with his cheeky antics and melt my heart when he’d greet me from work with loads of chats and head bumps. This fund will help carry on the amazing work Battersea do to help cats and dogs that are looking for a home. It’s almost like leaving a legacy because to me, my beautiful boy was a true LEGEND.

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    In memory of Kato 💔💔💔

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