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Perseus (originally Bailey) came to us from Battersea when he was 3 months old in May 2015 with his brother Titan (originally Bertie). Sadly, Perseus left us suddenly and unexpectedly on 21 November 2021. He was the Alpha in our 3 cat household (having been joined by a rescue cat from the USA, Annabeth, in April 2020) and really did things his own way. He was rather a lazy boy, who loved to find a warm spot to curl up in - sometimes lying in the sun, other times on our bed and even in a cardboard box that was a bit on the snug side. We would love to have had more time with Percy (as he was more commonly known), but are grateful for the 6 wonderful years we were able to spend together.

Being a multi cat household, there was nearly always a cat under our feet, and it is only now that we have realised that more often than not it was Percy – whether he was being a feline alarm clock if I hadn’t got up early enough in the morning, or was trying to attract my attention – again usually for food – by rubbing round my iPad or walking to and fro across my lap top. Sometimes he would sit right in front of the TV to demand our attention or perch on the top of the sofa staring intently at any human in the room, convinced that his glare would telepathically communicate his need for food. He was the vocal one of our 2 black cats – particularly when there was a cod steak for his dinner – but he would also greet humans in the garden with a huge miaow, and this was genuinely a request for attention, not food. He was the most laid back and trusting cat – he would allow you to lay your head on him, as if he were a pillow, let human faces close enough to touch noses and even liked to be tickled “between his toes” - but those claws really made their mark if they caught you inadvertently!

We have many wonderful memories of Perseus (including scratched furniture, carpets and wallpaper), far too many to share here, and are grateful to Battersea for rescuing him so that he was able to bring so much joy into our lives. Thank-you Percy for choosing us and being you, a unique and much loved member of our family forever.

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