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I have loved Seb since we got him at 6 weeks old. He was a proper Felix cat, he loved eating, sleeping, on me mostly. He was so loveable

Seb was in our live for almost 15 years... He was my best friend. My mums best friend while she was alive.

He had the trauma of being alone with my mum when she died, but then he was on loan to me to take care of him until it was time for him to go back in the arms of my mum. That day came at 10am on 3rd March 2020. Nearly 8 years i had you on loan my sweet boy...

Im so sorry seb. We tried to beat this cancer for many weeks. But chemo didnt work and cancer won... Some said i should have let you go sooner. I hope my weakness to let you go didn't cause you to much additional pain... I just didn't want you to go. You were my life...

I love you my sweet boy, and i hope you forgive me for taking too long. You are finally with mum. She will again be your mum until i can be with you both again.

You had a great life with mum for the first 7 years, then me for your last 8....i held you, kiss you goodbye, but couldn't stay to long with you after, as the longer i stayed the harder it would have been to walk out that vets door knowinh id not see your beautiful face again.

My goodbye was the few night's before when i knew what i had to do so i held you all night.

Good bless you seb, and if it's true and you crossed that rainbow bridge to meet mum, you guys look after each other. Ill be there before you know it... Until that day i will have you in my thoughts every day. X i love you so much its so hard. I will never firget the joy you brought to my life.... And for the comfort i got from you from when mum died and since... Sleep well knowing you were loved. X

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