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Sophie had a great appetite, was constantly curious and loved a good snuggle.

Sophie was a true beauty - fur as soft as a fuzzy bear and purrs like a machine. She touched many people's hearts and is missed deeply.

She was better travelled than most people, and a great traveller at that. She would rest patiently in her Sleepy Pod, barely making a sound, but acutely aware that she was indeed travelling somewhere. Upon arrival, she would inspect her surroundings and then find the best place to either watch other creatures out the window or have a nap.

She liked to wake me up by knocking things off the desk, scratching at papers or, if she really wanted attention, chew on my hair or ever so gently tap my face. She liked to sit beside me - almost ON my laptop - to request a pet or cuddle without actually making a sound, but just staring me down. She liked to try to brush herself with her brushie - she LOVED a good brush. She would climb into the bathtub or sink to patiently wait for me to turn on the tap for a sip of water. When I came home, she would be curled up on my bed, dreaming about birds, insects and playing in the garden. I miss these things so much.

She was a very gentle girl, but when she wanted attention she would let me know. I would give anything to wake up to her annoying little nuances again, to hear her tap her food bowl, to watch her enjoy the sun through the window or in the garden, to hear her purr...

For 13 years, Sophie gave me so much unconditional love and companionship. I feel like a part of my heart is missing.

Sophie, thank you so much for letting me be your human. I miss you so much! I hope we are reunited again one day... until that time, please visit in my dreams.

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    RIP my beautiful boy Rogan. What wonderful companions all of our pets make. Treasure every moment you have the honour to spend with them.

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