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Loveable staffy, very lazy and loved his sleep, snored like a jet plane ,very loyal and loved us all, as we did him .beautiful tan and white

Toby passed away on june7th 2020 ,he was nearly 16, he had a very short illness that he just couldn't fight anymore. Toby was our rescue dog he was loved by us all and will be forever in our hearts . He hated the rain and refused to go out in it, he would forever be walking around all the puddles .when he had his showers he would go crazy and run around the house like a rocket, he was so lazy it was unbelievable, he loved his sleep with a passion and would sound like a jet plane. He loved our cat elly, she was a few years older then him, she would always get him into trouble ,sadly she passed also I hope they are together. He loved starsky our jack Russell they went every where together, starsky knew Toby was ill and he would always stay near him .Toby had seen many pets and family members pass over the years ,they are all now reunited.

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